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Troy Livingston

TEPCO completed 10th bypass release to the Pacific OceanTotal intentional Tritium release by Bypass as of July 14: 2401-2595 Million Bq 7月13日July 13, 2014 (7月3日採取 sampled on Julu 3)10th Bypass Release: 1,790 tons (1 ton= 907.185 kg)Cs134 <0.65 (TEPCO) <0.75 (External lab)   Cs137 <0.63 <0.71  Beta <0.80 <0.59 Tritium 320 300 Total released amount: 487-519 million bqJuly 10 sampled from Well 12 - 2100bq/kgVideo: Ground Water Bypass Release

Troy Livingston

Cs137 level of seawater 30 km offshore Fukushima NPP.May 17, 2014According to the data published by NSR, Cesium has NOT been blocked within Fukushima NPP harbor, although PM Abe declared it to the world last September.Cs137 Level in Ocean offshore Fukushima↓2004-2009: 0.001~0.002bq/l (1-2 bq/m3)After Fukushima accident: up to 190 bq/kg (190,000 bq/m3)After half a year: down to 0.1 bq/kg (100 bq/m3)After 2 years: 0.002-0.007 bq/l (2-7 bq/m3) After 2 years of Chernobyl spike, the level started to go down at the pre-accident pace. But it was different in Fukushima, and the level has remained between 0.002 and 0.007 bq/l and has not gone down further. This means the contaminated water has been continuously leaking to the ocean. Fishes above the limit (100 bq/kg) can be expected when the seawater gets to be more than 1bq/l (1000 bq/m3). 20bq/l (20,000bq/m3) of Cs137 have been detected in harbour water.海洋生物環境研究所のレポート